Johnny Astro is a surf/lounge band from Seattle, Washington formed in 1997 by guitarist Mark Bombara. They perform and record instrumental surf, lounge, ’60s spy and movie soundtrack music and originals. The band combines the talents of guitarist, song writer and band leader Mark Bombara, drummer/percussionist Shane Peck, guitarist Mark Romanowski, vibes and percussionist Emily Westman, tenor saxophonist Marty Jourard and bassist Noah Wilson.

Past line-ups have included, Mark Romanowski “The Yeti” – Guitar, Ben Thomas – Vibes, Susan Pascal – Vibes, Ben Verdier – Bass, James Walls – saxophone, arrangements, song writing, Paul Sorrels – bass, Paul Beck – vibes, percussion, PK – bass

Mark Bombara - Guitar

Mark Bombara – Guitar

Shane Peck

Shane Peck – Drums

Noah Wilson

Noah Wilson – Bass



Johnny Astro saxophonist

Marty Jourard – Saxophone










































Emily Drums

Emily Westman – Vibes, Percussionist

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